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Castaldo S.p.A. was born in the midst of what has been called the second industrial revolution, when Italy, like the most major European countries between the nineteenth and twentieth century, takes important steps forward in the infrastructural and technological field.
During three generation the Castaldo’s provide structures for construction of tunnels, first with the popular forward direction joists (marciavanti) – Fuorigrotta - Mergellina gallery is an example - and then, with the introduction of steel in the post-war period, extend the production introducing steel calendered beams.
The history of the company is characterized by the realization of important works such as High-Section in the routes Napoli-Roma, Firenze-Bologna, Milano-Genova, the piers for the viaduct on the A1 of Reno to Sasso Marconi (BO), the underground Metro Rail in Milano, Roma and Catania, the motorway lines A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria, Messina-Palermo, the Flowers Highway, A14 Bologna-Taranto, Roma-Pescara, Roma-Teramo, the C.N.R. of Gran Sasso Mountain, the new printing centre of Messaggero, the landing stage of Milazzo, metal structures for the new base of Finmatica of Salerno, decks on SS 18, on Esaro (CS) dam, on Calore (BN) and Brenta (PD) river, as well as ring-road, dams and aqueducts that only are some among the prestigious job orders performed by Castaldo S.p.A.
To these great works, it should be added all the constructions of civil buildings, sheds, hangars, heavy industrial structures that have shaped the company, is appropriate to say, making it able to offer cutting-edge solutions for all customer requirements.

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